Case Study with a 381% ROI. *

In 2014, Talisker, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Au, acquired the Dorset Property in the Wawa Area for $200,000 and 2 million shares (valued at $0.03). The property was less than 500 Ha but had a small (non-NI43-101 compliant) resource of approximately 200,000 ounces of gold.

In 2018 the new management realized that the property was too small to be of interest and set about expanding the holdings. By the end of 2018, deals had been completed to expand the property to over 10,000 Ha.

Negotiations began to sell or option the property including to the adjacent Wesdome Mine.

Angus Ventures (now Angus Gold) approached Talisker to purchase the property in early 2019.

In late 2019 Angus bought Talisker Gold’s Wawa Property for $600,000 cash and 4M Shares (trading for approximately $0.20 at the time) equal to approximately $1.4 Million.

Talisker sold 2,000,000 shares at $0.30, for a total profit of $600,000. 175,000 shares were used as debt settlement and the remaining 1,825,000 shares were issued as dividends to existing shareholders at
$0.74 (representing $1,350,500).

The Wawa deal culminated in a ROI of 381% for Talisker Shareholders.

Talisker used the cash and the sale of some of the shares to eliminate the accumulated liabilities which resulted in a strong balance sheet with cash on hand and no liabilities.

* Please read our forward looking statements and legal disclaimers. Past success does not guarantee future results or suggest a successful investment. Investors are warned to not rely on such statements in making their investment decisions.