Wall Street Analyzer Reports on Advance United Marketplace and a Unique Approach to the Junior Mining Space

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – January 7, 2022) – Advance United Holdings Inc. (CSE: AUHI) (FSE: 9I0) (the “Company”, or “Advance United”) is pleased to announce Jim Atkinson’s, CEO of Advance United, interview with the Wall Street Analyzer.

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Juan Costello, Senior Analyst with the Wall Street Analyzer, interview with Advance United’s CEO Jim Atkinson highlights follow below and the original audio interview and abridged transcript can be found here.

Juan: Jim please start off with an overview of the company for our listeners.

Jim: Sure, let me give you a quick rundown. We were listed on the CSE in May 2021 so we are a relatively new company. The company was formed by the merger of two existing private companies, one of which was originally called Talisker Gold and had properties and we merged with a company that was set up specifically for the public merger and that happened on May 28th. Since then, we’ve been working to advance the company, as our name indicates, and we have recently completed some financings, which gives us a very healthy treasury. We completed a $2.15 million flow-through financing which will allow us to explore the Canadian properties, and we added $300,000 of equity financing to our balance sheet which will allow us to go ahead with our marketing and other corporate plans.

Juan: Can you bring us up to speed there on some of the most recent news as you just launched your Advance United Marketplace? And your private placement.

Jim: The most exciting thing, as far as I’m concerned, is our recent launch of what we call our property Marketplace. To give you a little bit of background on this, we consider the value of our company to be X + Y + Z, which equals the value. “X” is our existing properties portfolio. “Y” is the properties that we have in our pipeline / headlights, these are properties that we believe we can acquire that increase our core portfolio and enhance the asset value of the company. And “Z” is what we’re most excited about and that is our digital marketplace. This is a different approach to the junior mining space, and this is why we are a unique junior company that has tremendous potential. To give you a quick explanation of our marketplace and what it is, it is a way for persons and/or companies that have existing properties and projects that have been perhaps known for quite a while, but they haven’t been worked on for a long time. Perhaps the last time they were worked on was when gold was trading at $300 or $400 an ounce and the project was not economically viable at that time, but the properties may have had a significant amount of historic work done on them. They have data that needs to be updated. So, we see our marketplace as a place for these companies, these people, and all these projects to be brought forward. Our job is to evaluate these projects based on the criteria which exist on our Marketplace and decide what can be done on the property. In other words, perhaps it’s a modern kind of technology, perhaps even AI or digital applications to the data that exists that will enhance the value of that property and make it worth a lot more. On the other side of this of course is that we have some indication of what production companies are looking for. So, we see ourselves as almost a broker between the people that have projects and the people that want these projects. We arbitrage that middle value. That’s what we think makes us unique because we’re looking to generate a revenue stream from this work and we see ourselves as being equivalent to say, an Amazon or Uber Marketplace. Uber’s the largest taxi company in the world, yet they don’t own any cars. They broker the relationship between the buyers and sellers, and that’s where we see ourselves in our Marketplace. We’ve have had a fair amount of feedback already from people in the industry when we issued our press release launching the beta version, and we’ve had people that have expressed an interest in this, saying this is something that has not existed in the junior mining space, or in the mining space at all for that matter. This is something that is going to be very useful for the market and for ourselves. So that’s just a quick rundown of who we are and where we are at.

Juan: Great. What are the main goals and milestones here over the first half of 2022 that investors should keep an eye out for?

Jim: Well, I think our main goal, and this is something that we’re actively working on right now, is to bolster our board of directors by adding people who have experience in the digital technology industries. We are currently interviewing for a Chief Technical Officer and a Chief Financial Officer with experience in the digital space. We have a very strong board already which has a lot of experience in the mining, exploration, and financing side of junior exploration companies. But what we’re trying to upgrade is our expertise on the technology and digital side, and that’s going to be one of our next major steps. The next major step after that of course, is the finalization of the next version of our Marketplace which is expected in the first quarter of 2022 once we’ve had feedback and input on the existing tech. Launching our advertising and marketing is another next big step. We will be making a big marketing push for the company to talk about our ideas and the digital marketplace. As an aside, I’ll mentioned that our marketing approach is going to be very different than a junior exploration company which talks about drill holes. We’re going to be talking about the vision for the mining market and a different kind of junior exploration company. We like to say to people we don’t want to be miners. We don’t want to be the people that do the mining because that’s a very different type of expertise. We want to be the company that brings projects and the story to the attention to the companies that do have the expertise in mining and want to become involved with the project.

Juan: Certainly. So, your strategic alliances and joint ventures, what are some of the key synergies that you look for?

Jim: I think one of the things that we’re going to do which is not done very often in the junior mining space is really understanding what it is that production companies want. For instance, what is it that a company like Barrick, Newmont or Kinross, what is it that they want, and we’re going to try to be in some respects their “eyes and ears” on the ground. They do not have enough people to evaluate everything that’s out there. So we’re going to try to be able to help them with that by understanding what they want, and also understanding what’s available and to put the two together. That’s the goal of our Marketplace, our digital platform.

Juan: What do you feel are the main factors that make Advance United unique from some of the other players in the sector that are unable to capitalize on some of the trends in the sector?

Jim: I think one of the things that makes us different, as I’ve said before, is we don’t want to be a typical junior mining company. We certainly have properties that will require some work, and we certainly will acquire properties that will require some work, but our goal is not to ever be a miner. Our goal is actually to increase their value and add value to the company bottom line so that the share price escalates, and our shareholders make out well. That’s really our thing. And as I have told many people, the biggest failure that a lot of junior mining companies get into is they get to the point where they think they can be miners, and we’ve seen this recently with a couple of companies and we see it quite often in the space. We don’t want to be that and you’ll see that all of our marketing says that – we’re the company that doesn’t want to touch the gold. We want to be the Uber of the junior mining space where we don’t own cars, we don’t own mines. We simply put together people with projects, and people who need projects. Like Uber and Amazon. That’s our goal.

Readers can listen to the original audio interview and read the entire abridged transcript interview here.

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We are a different kind of Canadian junior mining company, one designed to succeed where other junior mining companies fail. We are involved exclusively in the acquisition and advancement of past projects – with no intent to bring them back into production or to mine them ourselves. Our expertise is in identifying and acquiring undervalued properties with significant historical work, which were uneconomic at the time, but we believe have economic value at today’s prices.

We fund the development of re-working historic data and applying modern technology to underwrite new qualified reports, document quantifiable resources and reserves to current standards, thereby recognizing the current value.

Our purpose is to bring immediate and long-term value to our partners and shareholders while seeking to eliminate exploration risk, so that we can all advance united in the shortest possible time frame.

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