If your property meets our criteria,
we’d like to meet you.

Why join Advance United?

Process and criteria

Case study

Advance United is focused on identifying properties with underdeveloped, documented resources and reserves that are non-compliant or not current with National Instrument 43-101, and then increasing the value by applying modern exploration techniques and financing to make the property compliant and available for possible acquisition and development.

The strategy is to take a property at current value and apply our technology, knowledge, and experience to increase the property value significantly so it becomes attractive to a to a potential purchaser.

Our ultimate goal is to bring a property to the stage where either a mid-tier or major mining company will be interested in acquiring it for significantly more than it’s worth on our books, but also for significantly more than it was valued at when we acquired it.

We are continuing to review gold properties for potential mergers and acquisitions in 2021 and beyond, and issue Letters of Interest, Joint Ventures, Earn-in/Option Agreements, and Partnership Agreements in order to build our portfolio.v


If your property meets our criteria, we’d like to meet you


Au has compiled a list of over 25 different projects that we’ve looked at in the last half year. We have specific criteria for the properties that we’re going to be pursuing:


having a gold resource.

having potential for expansion.

having a large property with potential for putting together a large resource on it.

having a large property with potential for putting together a large resource on it.

A tested process.

Our process is to develop a pipeline of properties that are pre-qualified and meet our criteria for a potential increase in value. We then investigate and apply due diligence to determine the historic work and intrinsic value.

In simple terms, historic and forgotten properties in many cases have had millions in exploration dollars invested into them over the last 20 or 30 years or more when the price of gold was low and thus at the time would not have been economical to develop. Many that were forgotten or not developed are now dormant, but still have the potential to be reactivated by applying current, modern, mechanized technology, and contemporary techniques to create qualified reports in the form of National Instrument 43-101 or JORC, that will unlock the recognized value of those properties. This coupled with the current price of gold significantly increases their potential for development.

Keys to success include our human resources and management team. Advance United has 100 years cumulative experience that’s cross disciplinary. That includes not only geology, but other geosciences, geophysics, geochemistry, metallurgy, business analysts, accountants, bank financiers – a cross disciplinary team relating to the principal discipline of evaluating project potential.

Case Study with a 381% ROI. *

In 2014, Talisker, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Au, acquired the Dorset Property in the Wawa Area for $200,000 and 2 million shares (valued at $0.03). The property was less than 500 Ha but had a small (non-NI43-101 compliant) resource of approximately 200,000 ounces of gold.

In 2018 the new management realized that the property was too small to be of interest and set about expanding the holdings. By the end of 2018, deals had been completed to expand the property to over 10,000 Ha.

Negotiations began to sell or option the property including to the adjacent Wesdome Mine.

Angus Ventures (now Angus Gold) approached Talisker to purchase the property in early 2019.

In late 2019 Angus bought Talisker Gold’s Wawa Property for $600,000 cash and 4M Shares (trading for approximately $0.20 at the time) equal to approximately $1.4 Million.

Talisker sold 2,000,000 shares at $0.30, for a total profit of $600,000. 175,000 shares were used as debt settlement and the remaining 1,825,000 shares were issued as dividends to existing shareholders at $0.74 (representing $1,350,500).

The Wawa deal culminated in a ROI of 381% for Talisker Shareholders.

Talisker used the cash and the sale of some of the shares to eliminate the accumulated liabilities which resulted in a strong balance sheet with cash on hand and no liabilities.

* Please read our forward looking statements and legal disclaimers (https://www.advanceunited.ca/forward-looking-statements-and-legal-disclaimer). Past success does not guarantee future results or suggest a successful investment. Investors are warned to not rely on such statements in making their investment decisions.